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International Relf Society: Membership Details

  Membership Details. 

The International Relf Society

Full and Associated Membership is open to all persons showing a genuine interest in the Society's Objectives. Associated Members, must reside at the same address as a Full Member and have the same rights but do not receive copies of the Society magazine in return for their subscription.

Annual subscription rates, which includes all copies of the Society's magazine, The Wolfpack, published in that year, are as follows:

Full Member: 7.00 if address for correspondence is within UK or BFPO, 9.00 for overseas.

It is now possible for overseas members to pay in the currency of their own country. Just find out the overseas country's rate of exchange and issue a cheque in an amount the equivalent of 9 UK sterling (rounded up to the next dollar, or whatever). Any amount over the 9 will be used for postage.

Associated Member: 2.00

Prospective members can send a stamped addressed envelope to the Secretary, or appropriate national co-ordinator, for an application form, or alternatively the Membership Application Form can be downloaded, as a Portable Document Format file,

Download Application Form

(This requires Adobe Reader which is freely available at http://get.adobe.com/reader/ )

The PDF file has to be downloaded and printed before filling it out and either scanning for email or by posting using traditional mail.


OBSERVATIONS: If one does not pay the membership fee by Banker's Order, the extra postage is very, very minimal. We are members of an international society and, in the future, a member in Australia, Europe or the U.S. could be the treasurer. Another reason to have the bank account in the U.K.!


It is not necessary for you to make your payment in UK sterling funds. Just issue one of your regular cheques in the currency of your country in an amount that will be sufficient to buy 9 or 11 and the Society's bank will convert it to sterling. Then you do not pay bank charges to your bank unless your bank charges for each cheque issued or for cheques above a specified number for which they do not levy bank charges.

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